Chimney lining

Chimney lining in areas such as Watford, Rickmansworth, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and Bushey

Safety & Efficiency. The liner creates a direct and even channel between the wood burner and the top of the chimney, which means soot and tar have less uneven surfaces to stick to. Any soot or tar that is created is much more likely to fall back into the stove to be recombusted or removed on cleaning. Lining the chimney ensures there's no smoke leakage into the property, which could otherwise be a risk in a traditional brick chimney.

Method. The liner is fed down the chimney from the roof throughout the entire length of the flue. It is sealed at the top with a pot hanging cowl or suitable terminal and the bottom end is connected to the stove and smoke tested. The work is usually done using ladders however there may be occasions when we are unable to access the chimney using ladders alone. On these occasions we are able to provide a mobile access platform or scaffolding.

Product. We use only high quality stainless steel liners manufactured by Schiedel which come in either 316 grade or a superior 904 grade. Schiedel liners are recognised as being one of the best on the market and we will not compromise on quality or safety by using cheap alternatives.


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